Two months to the end of the year!

As we come to the end of the year here are my assessment of things that make us not to succeed:

  • Faith Deficiency Syndrome

This is negative mindset. Every idea that comes your way, you dismiss it citing a list of reasons why it cannot work. Faith Deficiency syndrome is a real dream killer. Have some faith. Be positive. There are things that can’t work but there are many more that can work.

  • Lack of strategy

Many people have dreams but do not know how to go about reaching their dreams. Lack of plan on how to succeed is almost a sure way of not succeeding. You cannot start a journey to point A and expect to reach there without knowing which direction to take. Research, study, consult and make a strategy on how to succeed. Improve your strategy as you gain experience

  • Analysis Paralysis

This is doing so much analysis and not taking action. In this you feel you still don’t have enough information about the venture you want to involve in so you keep researching and analyzing. The truth is that you will never have all the information about the future. No matter all the forecasting and projections, the future will still remain uncertain to a certain degree. Do your research and analysis but do not overdo it. Take action.

  • Fear

This is fear of all things that may go wrong. It’s closely related to Faith deficiency syndrome. The difference is one may actually believes it’s possible to succeed but due to risks that may prevent the success one fear to take action. Risks are always there in every venture. People succeed not because of absence of risks but because they learn how to manage them.

  • Excuses

There are always so many ‘reasons’ why one should not go for success. Most of these are just excuses. When looked into they amount to nothing. They are just excuses.

  • Procrastination

This is unnecessarily postponing taking action. One may cite many reasons for the procrastination but the truth is all is not necessary.

  • Wrong priorities

If we set wrong priorities, we waist resources and end up failing. We should set our priorities right for us to succeed.

  • Quitting syndrome

When you realize your venture is not giving you instant gratification you quit. Every venture has its challenges and if one has to succeed he should know how to effectively handle them. If you decide to take the easier option of quitting instead of learning how to handle the challenges of the venture, you will never succeed.



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